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Chaffee MSE Wall

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Chaffee MSE Wall
Project Details
Location: Chaffee, New York
Client: Waste Management of New York
Client Contact: Mr. Richard Sturges 716-632-1125

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MMCE designed a mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) wall to stabilize a moving soil slope at the Chaffee Landfill Facility located in the Town of Sardinia. A soil slope, approximately 40 feet high was experiencing lateral movement during construction of the eastern support berm for the facility. A wetland is located at the toe of the slope, therefore, the slope could not be extended to improve its stability.

MMCE installed inclinometers in the slope (see the blue pipes in the photo) to establish the baseline subsurface conditions and developed a plan to stabilize the slope. Based on this information and the other site constraints, it was decided to construct a mechanically stabilized earth wall at the toe of the moving slope to improve its stability and limit future slope movement.

MMCE prepared a design for the MSE wall. The wall was constructed in segments so that the slope would not be destabilized during construction. 

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