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North Forest Road

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North Forest Road
Project Details
Location: Amherst, New York
Client: Bergmann Associates for Erie County Department of Public Works
Client Contact: Mr. Kevin Miller, P.E. 716-852-3211

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The ground between North Forest Road and Ellicott Creek has been slumping into the creek, causing the Erie County Department of Public Works to frequently repave the road. The DPW elected to reconstruct the highway and hired Bergmann Associates to design the reconstruction. Bergmann Associates engaged MMCE to explore the cause of the slumping creek banks so that this condition could be addressed as part of the reconstruction project. 

MMCE drilled test borings along North Forest Road and laboratory tested soil samples from the borings. The data showed that groundwater flows towards Ellicott Creek from the land on the opposite side of the road, causing the creek banks to slough from the seepage forces. The borings also showed that the road had an insufficient subbase thickness, which caused the pavement to crack.

MMCE recommended including subsurface drainage as part of the reconstruction project and provided detailed sketches to assist with the design of these structures.  

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